Monday, September 22, 2014

Crafted to Create

We were created with an inherent ability to create. Our Creator God made sure of that in His unique crafting of each one of us.

Don't get me wrong, I get traits handed down to me from my earthly father. I laugh like him. I have a corny sense of humor like he does. I am not a big fan of tags in my shirts or clothing that itches me. I love fresh corn and tomatoes from the garden just like he does, especially from his garden. I used to love a good cherry pie just like my dad likes, but now that these great folks are making Gluten Free pie crust I might just be able to make one we could both enjoy. More in another post about how living Gluten Free has helped me live a life filled with more beauty as well.

Back to what I was talking about. My dad and I are similar in many ways, and yet we are oh, so very different.  However, we were created by the same Creator. We are related genetically, and we are related spiritually. We love and serve the same God.

I've also clearly gotten traits from my Heavenly Father. Some are called spiritual gifts. I have the gift of mercy. I sometimes exercise the gift of discernment, though I'd like to employ that one more frequently. I didn't ask for these gifts, but my Father knew I would need them to make it through this journey I affectionately call life.

Others are talents I have seen develop over time and must be honed until they are allowed to see the light of day and sparkle on their own. In the very fabric of how we are woven together, God knew we would all exhibit His innate desire to create, to make something out of nothing, to weave words, pick up a paintbrush, scribble with chalk or crayons, hammer something, pound on metal, cut into glass, serve another, sew something to wear or to use, assemble something, mix something, stir something, or say something.

We all have it. The urge to leave our mark. We cannot escape it. It fulfills us. It satisfies us. It completes us.

Yours may not be the same as mine, but you must do it. You must pursue it. You cannot breathe fully without attempting, without trying, without going out on a limb, without doing . . . it. You know deep in your heart what IT is. You cannot explain it to anyone quite as clearly as you just feel it in the very pit of what makes you the wonderful you God created you to be. If you don't know what IT is yet, ask Him. Ask Him to reveal the thing that makes you you.

What is it you cannot do without? What is it that makes you feel most alive? What comes to you when you aren't even consciously thinking about anything and won't let you go? What is it? What urges you on to make your mark, live your passion, fulfill your dream? Examine all the details of what is in your heart and do it. Do it loud. Do it proud. Do it and be the very you God made you for in the first place. He will applaud . . . and you . . . you will cry with joy over His pleasure in you!

I know my heart is overflowing at allowing the words to fairly drip from the fingers flying across the keyboard. I am at home here. I love weaving words, and I love allowing God to orchestrate the words that come from my heart. He is the director, and I am the player. He is the essence of who I am, and I can't help but allow Him to speak through me. He knows me better than I know myself, and I plan to do more staying out of His way and letting Him walk ahead and lead me in the path He has for me.

Thanks for joining me on this wild ride!

On His Adventure~


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