Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Autumn and Gluten Free Treats

Just hanging around today enjoying the autumn breezes flowing through my open windows. Can anybody say "free weather"? Love that kind of day!

Afternoon crept up on me, but it clearly whispered "tea time" in my ear, especially when it totally coincided with my girl baking Gluten Free shortbread cookies to complete my heart's desire for Pumpkin spice and something sweet.

Now I have mentioned eating Gluten Free, and my 18-year-old daughter has ventured into blogging to share all she's learned in her time of eating that way as well.

I've been eating gluten free for about five years now. I don't have an official celiac disease diagnosis, but my gluten intolerance is quite high. So I operate my life and eating habits very much as if I were celiac. It actually makes choosing what to eat easier rather than more difficult for me personally.

Though eating gluten free has not always been a walk in the park, I have found the benefits far outweigh any challenges I face. Add to that the number of new players who have joined the game, so to speak, and my life of eating gluten free has taken on a new beauty its not seen before. Olivia mentioned Aldi USA here, and I will be giving my take on that wonderful grocery in a future post.

Until then, I am going to go make a second cup of this fabulous and perfectly appropriate tea for the first day of Autumn from these fine folks.

Leave your own trail of beauty!

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