Thursday, September 18, 2014

Who Is This Gal?

Pam Darbonne is a freelance writer/editor/proofreader by trade. Her degree is in journalism, with an emphasis on magazine writing and editing from Kent State University. She has done a number of journalistic pursuits over the years -- including, but not limited to projects for Thomas Nelson Publishers, Fox Faith and FamilyLife.

Pam is a self-proclaimed doodler and creator of beauty. Pam looks for ways to bend the rules, rise above her circumstances and live ridiculously.  She draws inspiration from her relationship with the Lord, the beauty she sees He has created around her, and the daily thriving, sometimes more just surviving alongside those she loves.

Pam has had a lifelong struggle from within to unleash both the voice, talents and gifts God has given her. She has dabbled in blogging off and on since 2005; sprinkling that time with long episodes of silence.

However the years have also been mingled both with God-inspired posts of bravery as well as the reality of soaring above everyday chaos. Pam has also battled an inner desire to express herself which too frequently collides with the penchant for constant comparison and her own shortcomings on the mental measuring stick.

So, in an effort to embrace a fresh start, Pam emerges with her paintbrush in hand, her words intact, and her Tiffany blue Chuck Taylor's tied tightly on her happy feet as she attempts to dance her way through the day -- always leaving a trail of beauty and living life as ridiculously as possible.

Consider this an invitation to drop your inhibitions at the door, grab a paintbrush, marker, colored pencil, broken crayon nub, pack of your favorite play dough, or common yellow #2 pencil and to create something that will leave a mark for future generations. Leave a trail of beauty everywhere you go and see how many smiles you create along the way.

Because, you know what? "Smiling is my favorite." ~Buddy the Elf

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