Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Beauty in Spite of Fear

I am afraid.

There. I said it.

I said it specifically to counteract the quote you see here by Mr. Jones. I am braver by far in admitting to my fear. Then it has far less power over me. Fear in the dark is much bigger fear and incapable of being overcome alone.

Left to my natural state, I can spend every waking moment and many of the night time ones afraid. Without the truth of God's Word, the support of my friends and family, and victories to recall -- I am afraid.

Viewing circumstances beyond my control, putting aside bills I have no way of paying, and dealing with pain that changes each day and yet is ever present -- and I am afraid.

Yet the Lord does not leave me there, and He doesn't want you there either. He addresses the topic of fear at least 365 times in His Word, and He offers you application after application in how to overcome and find beauty in the victory over your fears.

Let me offer you one nugget today. My life verse shows up here in the  image to the right. What I find to be empowering is that I am not left alone in my fear. I have help from the One who created me. He upholds me. He gives me strength. So, Mr. Jones, while the above quote looks fabulous on my colored pencil background, your sentiment does nothing but leave me alone to fight my fear. I am sticking with the one that will carry me through the difficulty and enable me to stand at the end of it.

May the truth encourage and strengthen you today as well. The beauty in it is unmistakeable.

On His Adventure~


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