Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday Thanks Tank #217

I decided to name this blog what I did, because I wanted it to be as much a philosophy or way of life as the weekly feature of Thursday Thanks Tank became when I started doing it on a long ago Thursday back in 2006.

Beauty runs through my very being and is etched in everything I see -- the created reflecting the image of the Creator.

I took an impromptu side trip Tuesday, and it has given me the images with which to illustrate this week's offering of how God is filling my tank. God chose to allow me a few hours this week to remember, to reflect, and to appreciate a place I called home for almost six years.

Though I know I am not called to live there, I cannot deny the impact that little town made on my heart and the hearts of my children. We checked in at some of our favorite haunts (see what I did there in homage to tomorrow's holiday?!) We took the shots below. We reminisced. We cried. We laughed uproariously and stood amazed at how some things had changed so much and others changed so little in our absence. We ate great Mexican food and had a progressive dessert at a couple places we'd always loved. Then we headed back to Knoxville. We were tired, but we were grateful. Grateful for the memories. Grateful for the places. Grateful for each other.

So, what is God doing to fill your thanks tank this week? What beauty have you just been unable to avoid noticing? Comment here and let me know! I would love to share in those stories with you.

On His Adventure~

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