Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday Thanks Tank #214

Every week I try to take a few moments to reflect on how God is filling up my tank. I post a few of those here and intentionally give thanks for what He has done. Here we go:  

1. Time with my children. I am keenly aware each day of the brevity of time with my teenagers as they near that point of launching into adulthood. I am grateful for each moment we spend together and also grateful they still think I am cool. 

2. God's comfort. He meets me right where I am and carries me through whatever I am feeling at any given crossroad. 

3. Caring about the little things that really are big things.  Our dog, Shelby, got stung by a yellow jacket Monday while I was at Bible Study. I got a frantic call summoning me home before I got to watch the Beth Moore video. (I know, utterly appalling for those of you familiar with her studies. The video is a huge part of the experience, y'all!). Yet my mama's heart was certain I needed to be at home with those nursing our wounded 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier back to good health. 

So, I left and got home to see our precious pup in lots of pain, and my darling children surrounding her with love and every conceivable measure they'd discovered online in the way of potentially easing Shelby's discomfort. The dog had received a dose of Children's Benadryl, had poultices applied to the wound site, gotten an ice pack, and been set up in her comfy bed with a pillow, blanket, and favorite stuffed animal. 

Though I had nothing left to do, my presence had a calming effect on everyone. I was instantly reminded of how I can be calmed by the presence of my Heavenly Father as well. Sometimes He need do nothing at all. Simply knowing He is there makes all the difference. He brings a peace and an ease to the chaos in my heart by being available. 

I could have remained at Bible study and missed out on an opportunity to be present for my children. I could have allowed my sometimes unhealthy affinity for all things Beth Moore to have overshadowed my need to be a mama first. I didn't. And God didn't either. 

He allowed me to get the video I missed, and now I can still watch this week's lesson in the comfort of my own home. He really does care about all the details, both big and small.

How is God filling your tank this week? Let me know in the comments or share a link so I can come visit you at your place! You can find other great writers here

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