Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Thanks Tank #216

Every week (ideally) I take a little bit of time to intentionally be grateful for the way God is choosing to fill my "thanks tank". I find this simple exercise makes a profund difference in my perspective, regardless of my circumstances. So, here's this week's list:

1. Clever ideas. I am a sucker for people thinking outside the box, and I never cease to be amazed by the cleverness of folks who do so. Here's one I need to employ for my 14-year-old son. (Not really)

2. Wassail. Yes, I know it isn't the Yuletide season yet, but I had a hankering for that delectable beverage a little early. Everyone decided we must buy different spices next time and put them in a muslin bag, but for a spontaneous wassail party -- the final result was delicious. 

3. Goblets. I know they seem kind of mundane to be mentioned, but these
Dollar Tree beauties make every day at my house just a little more special. Plus, I have discovered over my almost 19 years of mothering that the likelihood of breakage in your glassware is in direct proportion to your monetary investment. Hence the fact that all eight of my $1.00 glasses are still intact while the heirlooms I have received over the years have met shattering results on tile floors over and over.

4. Brownies. Oh my word! My Sophie is quite the cook, and she has mastered the art of tweaking recipes and doctoring mixes until what she offers up as finished product is so decadent and so delicious that I find myself nearly swooning in satisfaction. She took this mix from Aldi, added a cream cheese layer and topped the whole thing with semisweet chocolate chips. One word. DIVINE. I may never be the same. She definitely has chef capabilities. Makes me think of this movie.

5.  Art. It's therapeutic. It is cathartic. It brings me joy. I make time for it because it revives me and makes all the boring stuff I have to do each day go a little faster. Inside my little self beats the heart of an artist, and I find staying true to myself refreshing. 

6. Unexpected gifts. My son brought me a flower yesterday. He picked it from our front yard without prompting. That is huge when you are 14. So now the lovely red rose is floating in a bowl. A constant reminder of unprompted thoughtfulness. 

7. Smiling and Waving. Still taking time to spontaneously smile and wave. My favorite from this week came as I waved to the TDOT (Tennessee Department of Transportation) worker on a Bobcat and though he was clueless, the guy on the other side of the street began vigorously waving in response. We both received a happy. Made it totally worth it. Next time, guy on the Bobcat . . . Just wave. You don't know me, but waving is never a bad thing. Hee, hee!

This is far from a complete list, but I have already found my gaze turned upward rather than inward as a result. Try it! If you do, please comment here or link to your own blog post so I can be encouraged as well. Check out more great writing over here.

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