Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Thanks Tank #215

It's Thursday, y'all! This is the day I specifically set aside every week to intentionally give thanks for the way God is filling my "thanks tank". I would encourage you to think back over your week and choose a few things the Spirit brings to mind. Write them down somewhere or better yet, share them here so we can all benefit from what God is doing. 

Here is my list:

1. Children of the Day: I am now five weeks into this, and while I always know I will reap immense rewards from attending a Beth Moore Bible study -- I never realize until I've got my sleeves rolled up how much work God is going to do on my heart. The lessons are rich, and I have been amazed at how timely their principles have been for where I find myself currently. If you can join some ladies in your area for this study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians, I highly recommend it!

2. Hot Cocoa from scratch cooking on the stove. Love the smell and the knowledge it chases away the chill of this perfect autumn day. Using this makes it drinkable by everyone here.

3. Coffee: This probably could legitimately make my list every single week. I am so thankful for everything about my morning cup of coffee -- from the cup I use, to the aroma, to that first sip, to the feel of the mug in my hand, to . . . you get the idea. I have a thing for my coffee.

4. Pillows: When you live with a chronic condition like fibromyalgia, restorative sleep can be a rare commodity. Always much needed, but more often than not elusive. I almost never sleep an entire night uninterrupted. Pain doesn't just take a break because I decide to go to bed. So to awaken this morning after no middle of the night surges of pain, I was amazed. I meticulously arranged my king sized bed pillow, body pillow and square throw pillow, and I slept. I really slept! The events of the day are much easier to handle after a good night's rest.

Ava: This little gal actually belongs to my daughter, but she sure has wormed her way into my heart as well. She has actually bestowed another hat on the ever-growing list of my juggling capabilities -- dog groomer. So glad she doesn't talk back after I attempt to beautify her!
6. Open windows: Love free weather!

7. Sunshine: After days and days of rain, the bursts of sunshine -- however fleeting -- have been welcome and savored. I do not like rain. I understand the need for it, but grey days have a way of making this gal's perspective a bit grey as well. So the sunshine . . . Welcome! Hang around for a while!

8. Soup. 'Tis the season! My crock pot will be getting a workout because of you.

9. Finding a lone piece of gum in my purse. Timely. Fresh breath. A good thing.

10. Hot showers: All the more important when it is chilly. Very thankful.

So, that concludes this week's filling of the thanks tank. How is God filling your tank? Share in the comments or link your post here so I can come visit and be encouraged as well!

On His Adventure~

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