Monday, October 13, 2014

What Am I Really Worth?

Remember back in the day when a family asked you to babysit and before the end of the night when you were set to head on home they popped the question. No, not "the" question, but the most difficult one I'd had to answer in all my 13 or 14 years . . . "How much do we owe you?" I would rock back and forth on my heels, look anywhere but right in their eyes, and hope they decided to suggest an amount reasonable so it wouldn't force me to counter. I never wanted to set a price on the value of my childcare abilities then. I wasn't sure what I was worth -- at least not what my babysitting was worth. 

Oh, I know I have value. I realize I was created with inherent value and significance. I just have a tough time assigning value to anything I create. I see what I do as doodling. My art all has imperfections and idiosyncrasies unique to each piece that emerges from my pen, colored pencil, crayon, marker or paintbrush, depending on my mood. I rarely create the same exact item twice, which makes it difficult to mass produce any sort of item without spending money I don't have to make that happen. 

So, where this whole musing finds me is needing to make money and underselling myself when it comes to the talent God has given me to leave that trail of beauty I keep mentioning and used to title this very blog here. I long to make art, sell art, and find people who love what I do. I just need to figure out how to best make that happen and do it! All prayers appreciated along the way. I will keep seeking out beauty and capturing it in ways that leave another trail of it in my wake. 

On His Adventure~

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