Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Creating Beauty

I love what Alice Walker said in the quote above. I have made a commitment to leaving a trail of beauty wherever I find myself. Some days that evidence is clearer than others. Yet what I am finding in the every day is "whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul." 

My soul is indeed restored in the midst of the efforts I make to create beauty. Those attempts, whether they are successful every single time or not, are getting my eyes of myself and enabling me to direct my gaze onto others. I can create beauty in a myriad of ways, from drawing, to writing, to embellishing a photo I have taken so it becomes a message in addition to an image.  

Beauty is so subjective, and yet at the same time it is impossible to put beauty in any kind of box. I love how I can literally find beauty in everything -- especially when I have attuned my heart, my eyes and my mind to look for it. We were discussing this concept briefly during my Bible study last night, and what we all concluded is that when we are anticipating seeing the hand of God at work, we can't help recognizing it. When I eagerly seek him and His beauty in my day, He never hesitates to offer me ample opportunities to appreciate what He has created. 

So, you may be asking, how does this look in concrete terms, something I can get my brain around? 

Let's see . . . Here are just a few ways God has revealed beauty in my life recently and enabled me to create some of my own:

1. Dancing leaves. Don't you just love when you are driving and the leaves do a little dance on the road ahead of your car? I do. 

2. Dancing. Yes, I know I just mentioned it, but this one has to do with me dancing with my kids around the island in our kitchen. Oh, you haven't done this in awhile . . . Or ever? You may want to change that right quick! It may not look exactly like what they do on Dancing With The Stars, but the stream of giggles is a beauty all its own. 

3. A Thank You note. A timely handwritten (yes, on real paper) note of appreciation is a beautiful, if somewhat archaic concept. I am a huge proponent of good manners, and this one is a practice I have diligently schooled my children in over the years. I want them to have character in so many areas of their lives, and this simple gesture is one that extends beauty lasting well beyond the gift they received. 

4. Painting. I love to draw, paint, and doodle. I hope just a little bit of my work manages to leave beauty behind along the way. 

5. Light. I am keenly aware that each day is shorter right now, right up until my almost 15-year-old's next birthday on December 21. I guess that's why I find myself even more alert to the changes in light. Yesterday, on the way to Bible study, the light was streaming from behind my car onto the hills covered in trees ahead of me. It was a glorious light show of color, of texture, of depth and vibrancy. I was caught off guard by this scene that only lasted for the briefest of moments. All the elements necessary for that exact picture blended together into the harmonious beauty I witnessed. I wasn't expecting it, but I was oh so glad I saw it!

What instances of beauty do you notice in your every day events? How does the beauty you see prompt you to create your own expressions of beauty? 

Let me know in the comments, please!

On His  Adventure~


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