Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Clinging to Autumn

I'll readily admit to anyone who takes the time to ask that my favorite season is autumn. I love falling leaves. I enjoy all the fall-related flavors and tastes. Pile on the pumpkin in all its variety of uses. Sweet? I love it. Savory? Give me more of it. 

I love the colors of fall, the smells of fall, the crisp feel of fall on my skin before I run for a jacket or cozy sweater I've not worn since early spring, the tastes and the unforgettable sounds of fall. Yes, the sounds. You know them. The sounds of marching bands and football games, the crunching of those fallen leaves under your feet, the almost musical calls of geese overhead as they cross through our area on their yearly migratory trek further south, the noise of neighbors preparing their flower beds for what is rumored to be a rough coming winter, and the whimsical sounds of festivals and carnivals nearby just drinking in those final comfortable outdoor moments before everyone bundles up and heads indoors for the coldest season of the year. 
Maybe because I am getting older, or maybe because the melancholy part of myself is hovering near the surface pretty often lately, I find myself wanting to press the pause button. I want to put a halt on all things autumn and all the constant change it brings. We have had a couple of nasty rain storms over the past days, and the leaves are falling more rapidly than I find agreeable. So I just want to put the brakes on and hang onto the stunning glory that is fall. Let it last a little longer. I know I have no say in when those trees let loose and drop all their leaves, but if I could stall it for a bit longer -- well, I would. 
In the meantime, I guess I just need to be more intentional in my observation and appreciation of the majestic color show God is putting on for me, knowing His timing is perfect and His desire is to delight me. He is enough in all things. In that truth, I am content to find His beauty in the everyday. For more great writing, head on over here.

On His Adventure~

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